Buyers Guide To Solar Panels

Solar (Photovoltaic) panels are an affordable and “green” option for homes in Australia. You can reduce your power bills, and generate your own clean electricity.

There are now a plethora of choices when it comes to selecting your solar panels. Obviously, some buyers need guidance so they can make an informed decision.

Fortunately the Clean Energy Council has prepared a consumer guide to help you make smart choices about which solar power system is right for you.

Click here to view the guide.

LED Lighting Is The Future!

LED lighting is the future of lighting technology, and it’s available to you right now from Coastal Green Power.

LEDs are the latest technology in energy efficient lighting, and they are super efficient. They use approximately 85% less energy than halogen or incandescent lighting! This will clearly save you heaps of money on your power bills.

Another huge advantage of LED globes is that they have a much longer lifespan than other globes – they should last between 30,000 and 50,000 hours. Incandescent globes only last for about 1,000 hours.

LED globes are available in various fittings, brightness and colour temperatures. Coastal Green Power can advise you on exactly the right globe for your purposes.


New technologies will make a smarter and cleaner energy future

Australia’s future energy system will be smarter and cleaner, while delivering on affordability for consumers and environmental responsibility.

In a presentation on the ways in which technology will change the face of our energy system, Mr Green will highlight the changing role of clean energy as technology changes drive the market towards better demand management and smaller distributed energy systems.

“Just this week we saw a new report from the Grattan Institute that calculated households could be paying $170 more per year for their gas by 2020,” Mr Green said.

“This could well drive further innovation as consumers seek out new ways to reduce their power bills – just as 1 million solar consumers have already done.

“With the right level of support for energy innovation and technology development from both state and federal governments, we will continue to see the costs of clean energy come down. What we now think of as innovative ways of generating and consuming energy will become the ‘new normal’ in the years ahead,” Mr Green said.

Mr Green said that while it was notoriously difficult to predict the future, past experience had taught us that consumers were ready to embrace new technologies like solar power and hybrid electric cars, provided those technologies were affordable and easy to operate and manage.

“Ten years ago, no one predicted that today more than one in 10 Australian homes would have solar panels on the roof,” Mr Green said.

“It’s almost impossible to say today where our energy will come from in another 10 years’ time, but all the signs seem to indicate that energy efficiency and other forms of clean energy can increasingly meet the needs of consumers for affordability, while securing a more flexible energy system for the future.”

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